Why Marriott Chooses Intellihot

Marriott fully embraces the concept of tankless water heaters and currently has Intellihot as one (of two) of their approved manufacturers in their brand standard. Tankless water-heating has been a requirement for all Marriott-managed hotels since 2015, and a ‘best practice’ recommendation for all franchised hotels.

Intellihot Benefits

Reduce Potential Downtime
Intellihot's tankless commercial water heaters are designed with built-in redundancy, meaning each heat exchanger has its own components so there’s no single point of failure. With Intellihot, if a heat exchanger or other component fails, peak demand will still be met with redundant heat exchangers. The failed part will isolate that heat exchanger and the rest of the system will continue to provide hot water to the hotel.
Less Maintenance
A revolutionary heat exchanger that is the best in the industry was built from scratch with Intellihot ingenuity. Our heat engine is a unique single finned stainless coil, designed to float freely, allowing for rapid thermal cycles by allowing the coil to expand or contract. Due to the robustness of our heat exchanger coil, Intellihot offers Marriott branded hotels a 10-year non-prorated warranty on all Heat Exchanger coils.
Elimination of Mixing Valves
Intellihot’s output temp is as accurate as a mixing valve and Intellihot will be the first tankless manufacturer approved for ASSE 1082, which will approve tankless as an approved mixing valve device. Most jurisdictions allow tankless to operate without a mixing valve but if local jurisdiction requires the use of a mixing valve, regardless of the of water heaters selected, Marriott recommends the use of a less expensive thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) with a valved bypass in parallel to the TMV for tankless water heaters to provide flexibility and backup in operation.
Reducing Operational Costs
By only delivering hot water as needed, the operational efficiency of Intellihot is 30-40% better in real-life applications. Since less than 1-2% of the day peak flow is occurring, typical boiler/tank setups operate in “non-condensing mode” over 23 hours in a 24-hour day. Therefore, there is immediate losses in “purge cycling”, “efficiency losses” and “standby losses”. With intellihots industry-leading turndown, there are not rapid and drastic cycling in the system to maintain the building loop temperature to Marriott’s 128 degree standard.
Saves Space
Intellihot’s small footprint typically saves close to 70 or 80% in space, leaving more room for revenue-generating space in new designs, or premium storage space.

Since 2015, Marriott has aggressively recognized tankless and Intellihot is their preferred option.

Typical water heaters today are about the same as they were 75 or even 100 years ago. They use either tank type or boilers with storage tanks, with many installed in the hope of achieving reliability. But the reality is this equipment doesn’t equal the load needed at hotels 24 hours a day. Intellihot modular tankless systems, however, can effectively cut capital cost by 50%, operation costs by 40%, and space needs by 80%, while at the same time quadrupling reliability.

Marriott defers the sizing of tankless water heaters to the recommended and approved manufacturers in their brand standard. Intellihot has performed countless flow studies for Marriott and other hotel brands. The data that comes back from these studies is very consistent, peak demand is typically less than 1 – 2% of the day. Intellihot’s unique design with having built-in redundancy inside of our cabinets no longer requires 100% redundancy in equipment. Consistent with Marriott’s 2025 energy goal of reducing carbon intensity by 30% through energy use improvement, new standards, and innovation, Intellihot worked with Marriott for a solution to meet the peak demands of their hotels while also ensuring less down time and energy use.

Domestic Hot Water and Laundry Configuration

With Marriott’s tankless strategy, they strongly recommend the practice of a two-tier water heating, i.e., preheating domestic water to 125°F for general usage including all guestrooms (*) at Stage 1, and boosting DHW to 140°F through another set of tankless unit(s) for laundry and kitchen zones at Stage 2 (**), without using mixing valves.

*If local ordinance dictates the delivery to guestrooms at lower temperature, that could be accomplished through local mixing/tempering valves.

**If water temperature higher than 140°F (i.e., 160-165°F) is demanded by Project Laundry Consultant, that could be accommodated through higher discharge temperature at the Stage 2 heater set and the use of a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) to generate and deliver 140°F HW to the kitchen for the 3-compartment sink (if required by local Health Department).

Discover How Intellihot and Marriott are heating up the hotel industry together

Intellihot's Sizing Methodology with Marriott, using real-life and real-time data

The Methodical Process

Based on real world field data and after evaluation of ASPE and prevailing sizing methodologies, Intellihot in it’s partnership with Marriot, has developed a calculator to “right size” the capacity needed per application. This capacity is then broken into multiple units to result in a system that has excellent performance under varying loads while simultaneously leapfrogging reliability and energy savings. When right-sized, storage can be eliminated entirely. The fixture units on the calculations are based upon ASHRAE standards.

Personalization Is Key

No two installations are alike; precise considerations of all data and facts are measured when customizing a system that aligns with the needs of a Marriott property. Intellihot’s water heating systems are designed to realize the full promise of on-demand technology — especially during times of high usage — and deliver unmatched reliability and savings in energy and space. The ability to handle changing loads with precise temperature control, the compact size of the units, ease of install, and the focus on an energy-efficient product, are just some of the coveted characteristics of our tankless hot water systems.

Right-Sizing for the Right Solution

Intellihot developed a calculator to “right-size” the capacity needed per application. This capacity is broken into multiple units that result in a system with excellent performance under a variety of loads while leapfrogging reliability and energy savings. When right-sized, storage is eliminated entirely while the fixture units on the calculations are based on ASHRAE standards. Utilizing field measurements from various applications across the U.S. and Canada, as well as ASPE and ASHRAE research, our calculator presents the best sizing for the user — one that drives capacity shortage risk to a minimum while maximizing energy and space usage.

Intelligence Ensuring Zero Downtime

The IQ series commercial hot water heaters have proven to meet capacity issues within the Marriott brand. A patented method called “masterless cascading” wipes out the need for a master controller, eliminating the probability of single-point failures. Operating independently, our units also share information on run hours, firing cycles, flow and then use an algorithm to automatically rotate units to normalize wear and tear. 

The Value of Intellihot Across Marriott Properties

Intellihot tankless water heaters save time, space, and money from installation to day-to-day operations. With all the power of alternative systems at a fraction of the size, our modern and cutting-edge designs make over-sized and less than efficient boilers a thing of the past.

At Intellihot, we believe technology should adapt to people and not the other way around. Our systems are at the intersection of health safety and superior energy productivity. Even as our advanced innovations do their job out of sight, every part is designed to be naturally intuitive and delightfully intelligent.

Stay in touch with Intellihot. For more information on engineering a solution to meet water system challenges within your Marriott brand, contact Sales @ sales@intellihot.com