95 State at City Creek - Salt Lake City, UT

Intellihot’s state-of-the-art innovations also yield drastic energy reduction and operational efficiencies that will allow the owners to flex their urban green credentials.

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Utah Valley University - Orem, UT

The contractor was excited to switch to Intellihot after seeing the reduced footprint, simpler piping, smaller price tag, and customer health & safety benefits.

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Yonkers Preservation - Yonkers, NY

Yonkers Preservation was looking for upgrades to their building of 60 apartments by going from Low Efficient Boiler Tanks to High Efficient Domestic Water Heaters

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Chinook Edge School, Cremona, Alberta, Canada

Education | Retrofit: When an outdated, aging, and inefficientwater heating system required replacement, they chose Intellihot for thisimportant job.

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Rudolph Foods, Beaumont, CA

Manufacturing | New Construction

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