The Power of Innovation

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The Power of Innovation

Sridhar Deivasigamani

Entrepreneurship and innovation are wildly powerful. I believe they are our greatest forces for solving global problems. Entrepreneurs are the ones who solve the tough problems that no one else will solve—or even attempt to solve—because we are not afraid to disrupt the status quo by doing things differently and intentionally.

For hundreds of years, water heaters have worked just fine, and nobody wants to risk changing something that works. The problem is, traditional water heaters work at the expense of efficiency, at the expense of space, at the expense of healthy water, and at the expense of the environment. But how do you go about changing something that has been done the same way for a hundred years?

The only way to do it is to go big. Don’t settle for incrementally better products or solutions; they just bog you down with higher marketing efforts and lower margins, and they are not as meaningful or exciting to anyone, including the end customer. If there are ten steps to building a great product, most companies stop at step four or five; true entrepreneurs and innovators are the ones who keep iterating to achieve something awesome—the ones who take the product all the way to step ten.

To reinvent water heating, we didn’t try to incrementally improve the system that already existed. We started from scratch to create something entirely new. This required fundamental breakthroughs, such as inventing a bullet-proof heat exchanger, masterless controls, peer to peer communication, and a basic rethink of systems.

These innovations allow Intellihot water heaters to provide customers with increased efficiency, reliability, safety, and sustainability by utilizing next-gen technology solutions to transform the built environment. By using Intellihot water heaters, our large commercial customers like Marriott and VA Hospitals have eliminated the need to store thousands of gallons of hot water, while heating water efficiently and reliably and providing healthier hot water to their customers—and also saving money on energy costs.

If I had been intimidated by the status quo, if I had been afraid of taking on the challenge of reinventing an industry, we never would have created this innovative product. But I was crazy enough to take on that challenge. Entrepreneurs are the crazy ones—crazy enough to believe they can change the world—and that’s why they are often the ones who do. Entrepreneurs are high-energy, driven, and passionate about what they do. That sometimes makes people uncomfortable—but it’s what allows us to create jobs, create immense wealth, and make the world a better place.