Intellihot products have the potential to cut global emissions from water heating & HVAC systems by 50% to support 2030 sustainability goals.

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Intellihot units take up 80% less building space than tank type water heating solutions.


Intellihot units use 40% less energy than conventional tank type water heating solutions

6.6 Billion Pounds

CO2 emissions have been reduced by 6,564,151,386 pounds or 3.1 million tons of CO2 — at zero cost

emissions saved

Environmental Impact

Residential and commercial buildings account for 40% of energy consumption in the U.S. and are a significant emitter of CO2.  Intellihot creates transformative, next-generation technology solutions to transform the built environment, providing customers with increased efficiency, reliability, safety, and sustainability. 

Confronted with water shortages and related energy challenges, we owe it to the next generation to zero out this waste. With Intellihot as your partner, your company can take the lead.

Big statement. Tiny footprint.

Finally, a solution that makes everyone comfortable. Intellihot systems deliver endless hot water with 40% less waste than traditional methods. With lower costs to install, operate and maintain, it makes brilliant financial sense. And with energy reporting a tap away. While traditional boilers run 24/7/365 waiting to be used, Intellihot systems heat water on demand and keep it flowing when and where people need it. Our process conserves 40% of the energy lost in traditional water heating methods. 


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