Finally, a drop-in solution that allows you to go tankless.

The Perfect Drop-In Solution

The iN401 iN501 iN199 are the first drop-in ready tank replacement units that provide all the features and benefits that Intellihot is known for, in a smaller and more compact footprint.

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Key Features:

Scale Free Heat Exchanger

Our heat exchanger floats freely to accommodate all thermal shocks and stresses. Made of 316L stainless steel it offers superior corrosion and erosion resistance. It has a patented, self-descaling design that prevents limescale buildup. It has no welds on the water side to ensure robustness to chlorides. Our heat exchangers create energy reduction of up to 40%+ when compared to tank-type water heaters and 15%+ over other non-condensing water heaters.


With similarly located water in and out for easy hook up, replace typical tank units in a flash.


Installed with two separate "independently controlled" heat engines.

Direct Cell-LTE Connectivity

Remotely access and monitor, no need for your building’s Wi-Fi.

Legionella Risk

With no storage tanks there’s less risk for Legionella growth.

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