People’s United Center, Hamden, CT

185,000 Square-Foot Athletic Facility
Eliminates 1200 Gallons of Stored Water

People’s United Center, located in Hamden


Stadium / University

Property Details

Product Installed
Two iQ751

Installed Capacity
1,500,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage

Power & Process, Inc.

People’s United Center, located in Hamden, Connecticut, is on the campus of Quinnipiac University. This 185,000 square-foot athletic complex houses both basketball and hockey arenas joined by a lobby area and a university club. Built in 2007, this massive athletic center also houses offices, locker rooms, club & premium seating, meeting & conference rooms, storage, and a weight training facility. 

“I’m very impressed by the design of these hot water heaters and their efficiency. Not only the efficiency when burning fuel but also when cascaded together how effectively they work together to provide a constant temp. The built-in technology for predicting component failure is awesome. PowerPoint Energy played a big part in helping the university to obtain rebates through the local utility. The contractor was impressed and delighted with the ease of installation. Ultimately, I believe that Intellihot represents the future of on-demand, zero-storage, high-efficiency water heating. 

– John Marquardt, Superintendent of Mechanical Services (York Hill & North Haven campuses)

The Challenge

This impressive facility needed a water heater upgrade from its space-hogging, low efficient tank setup (Two600 Gallon Storage Tanks with 1.6MBH).
They were able to save space, save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

The Intellihot Solution

Intellihot provided 2 iQ751 units that can easily meet the demands of the building and provide a highly efficient system that improves health and safety.
The facility manager is better able to attend to any mechanical issues through remote monitoring and notifications.