Loews Miami Beach Hotel – Miami, FL

Hotel Removes Legacy System
Eliminates 1200 Gallons of Stored Water

Loews Miami Beach Hotel



Property Details

Product Installed
Two iQ1501

Installed Capacity
3,000,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage

Brian Carrier & Assoc.

Oscar Cardona

As one of Miami Beach’s most prominent hotels, Loews Miami Beach Hotel attracts a diverse clientele of visitors. The 2017-renovated interiors are a modern homage to the historic style. In addition to the decor, the hotel spent 50 million dollars revamping the lobby, spa, kids’ club, and pool deck, adding a VIP check-in, and updating all 790 rooms with elegant, contemporary decor. This hotel had three large boilers and stored 1200 gallons of water, and these outdated boilers wasted enormous amounts of energy and space.

The Problem

The hotel was operating with (3) Boilers and 1200 gallons of stored water. The space-hogging mammoth tanks were very inefficient, costly and posed risks, of leaks and harmful bacteria.

The Intellihot Solution

Two iQ1501 Tankless Hot Water Heaters were chosen for this project. Energy efficiency, size, safety, and ease of maintenance were all factors in the decision.

Endless Water, Zero Waste

Our systems are smart; from the moment they start running, they begin to learn typical usage patterns. They adapt, heating up the amount of water you need: no more; no less. While traditional boilers run 24/7/365 waiting to be used, Intellihot systems heat water on demand and keep it flowing when and where people need it. Our process conserves up to 40% of the energy lost in traditional water heating methods. No more waiting, no more wasting.

Too Smart To Fail

What we make performs to nearly impossible standards. As robust as diesel engines, Intellihot systems are built for decades of like-new operation. Reliability is designed into every inch, from maintenance-free heat exchangers to systems that deliver industrial water capacities without risk of single-point failure. The best part? Built in redundancy and no master controller with our patented masterless cascading technology.