eBook: Mitigating Legionella Risk in Water Heaters with Safer System Design

Legionella e-book

As defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Legionnaires’ Disease is a “very serious type of pneumonia (lung infection) caused by bacteria called Legionella…About 1 out of 10 people who get [it] will die from the infection.”

Luckily, in the past Legionnaires’ Disease was something most of us only hear about in the news.

However, as a result of the country’s extended COVID-19 lockdowns, the Legionella bacteria is being discovered in the water systems of buildings that experienced extended closures. And as schools, hotels, gyms, restaurants, factories and other commercial buildings begin to re-open, we’re seeing a spike in cases of Legionnaires’ Disease across the country.

This eBook will help commercial property owners and landlords better understand the risks of Legionella in hot water systems, and how to design a system that can mitigate the risk of Legionella and Legionnaires’ Disease in commercial buildings.

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