Intellihot Start-Up Forms

Intellihot Start-Up Form (choose one option)

Digital Version – Easily enter the required information from your computer or mobile phone.  Once submitting this will automatically transmit to Intellihot and send you a copy by email. (Not applicable for troubleshoot visits)

Excel Document – Download this form and enter the required information. Save a copy and email the completed form to Intellihot.  

Site Readiness ‐ Checklist

Prior to Intellihot arrival onsite for commissioning, the following items must be verified by a customer and/or any sub‐contractors directly involved with the installation of Intellihot equipment. If an installation site fails to be completely ready for our factory startup visit, Intellihot can not guarantee the ability to commission its own equipment and may be forced to schedule a subsequent visit at the
customers expense.

Excel Download Start-Up

Digital Start-Up