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iN199 Neuron

The latest addition to the Neuron line was specifically designed to be drop-in ready for all tankless water heaters using Natural Gas or Propane that utilize a 120-gallon tank. Intellihot's iN199 will save commercial properties up to 40% per year on their energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. The iN199 is the perfect tankless solution for commercial properties that want reliable hot water at an affordable price with no tank to maintain.

System installation is faster, easier, and less expensive than traditional tank-type water heaters.

DROP IN GUARANTEE - Intellihot is confident that replacing your one 199,950 BTU/hr tank unit with our Neuron iN199 will handle your required hot water demands; if not, we will pay for additional equipment at no charge.

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iN199 Flow rates

iN199 Features:

Additional Features

Gas Pressure Sensor – Address site gas installation issues

Water Pressure Sensor – Eliminate pump startup failures

Pump controlled by Control Board – Automatic pump control

Control Board OTA – With software backup 

Intelligent Series touchscreen Display – Increased memory for screens

Smart Faults/Alerts – The software will identify the most likely cause