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The telliBot water heater forecaster is easily connected to your existing water heaters, any make, and model. Using advanced intelligence and sensors to gather data based on the flow rates, temperatures, firing rate, and more to accurately predict the remaining useful life of your systems. 

Allowing you to plan for replacements before a hot water disaster. The telliBot_ai gathers data for 10 days. You ship the unit and attachments back in the original box with the provided return label. Intellihot will email you a detailed report that will give each monitored unit a score and projected replacement time frame.  


We can help determine the remaining life of your commercial water heaters, and help plan expenses.

Smartify your water heater and predict remaining life


  • We send you our smart device, telliBot_ai (to each of your locations)
  • Easy, 10 minute DIY install, no special tools needed.
  • It monitors existing water heaters (any make & model).
  • After 10 days, simply send us the box, we issue a health report for all of your monitored units.


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