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Soccer Taco, Knoxville, TN

Property Details

Full-Service Sports Bar & Restaurant

Product Installed

Three iQ251s

Installed Capacity

750,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage


Ferguson Enterprises

Popular local restaurant selects Intellihot for their newest location.

This popular restaurant chain selected Intellihot’s high-efficiency, tankless water heaters for their newest location. Saving on valuable space, the compact Intellihot units are easily able to meet the restaurant’s peak hot water demands. 

The heart of Soccer Taco formed in 2005 around three concepts: authentic Mexican food, the importance of family and friends, and soccer. The owners who are all women, set out to create a unique dining experience - a Latin sports bar emphasizing fútbol (soccer), and a menu inspired by Mexican taquerías (‘taco shops’).


"We have been very pleased with the Intellihot units so far. They have kept up with our lunch hour rush on weekdays as well as dinner rush on Friday and Saturday nights. The three iQ251 wall-hung units take up less space and are more efficient than standard tank-type water heaters." - Nelia Kirtley, Owner


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The Challenge

Space (sq/ft) inside Soccer Taco’s newest West Knoxville location was at a premium and could not accommodate a traditional 100 gallon tank. They did not have space for a mechanical room which forced them to locate the water heaters in a narrow hallway in the back of the restaurant.

The Intellihot Solution

Three iQ251 commercial wall-hung units provide plenty of capacity during the restaurant’s peak demand. Having three individual heaters provides the restaurant with much-needed redundancy and assurance that they will not run out of hot water during their lunch and dinner rush hours.