iQ Series
i Series
iQ1501, iQ1001, and iQ751

iQ1501, iQ1001, and iQ751

Floor-Standing Units

Our iQ Series floor-standing units, iQ1501, iQ1001, and iQ751 deliver the ultimate in on-demand water-heating capacity. iQ1501 is Intellihot’s most powerful model and gives new meaning to “smart water.”  It’s our highest capacity on-demand water heater yet, delivering 1.5 million BTUs with no storage tanks required.The iQ1001 delivers over 1 million Btu/hr and the iQ751 delivers over 751,000 Btu/hr, with no storage tanks. These high-input units are designed for very large volume applications.

Looking for the most powerful solution possible?

Team together four iQ1501 units to create an over 6 million Btu/hr system, or four iQ1001 units to create an over 4 million Btu/hr system. Imagine what you can do with 160 GPM at 70°F rise, 24/7/365? The configuration possibilities are endless, and the performance is second to none.

The iQ Series models learn your building recirculation so they can automatically power on pumps and set the temperature to minimize cost without losing comfort. Slash capital cost up to 50%, reduce operational cost up to 40% (compared to traditional tank-type systems).

Prevent Costly Oversizing

Instead of sizing a water-heating system and then adding redundancy, you now have a far better option: Our iQ series incorporates built-in redundancy, completely eliminating the need for oversizing. For example, each iQ1001 unit includes four independent heat engines that operate as an integrated system. If any one of the four internal modules experiences a malfunction, the remaining three will continue to operate – providing 75% of the original capacity.


Common Applications

Hospitality, Multi-Family, Stadiums, Restaurants, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing.

Key Features

  • Full modulation/condensing with 98% combustion efficiency minimizes operating costs, ensures green operation

  • Modular design for built-in redundancy

  • The industry’s leading turndown ratio (25:1 for 751, 33:1 for 1001; 50:1 for 1501) for unparalleled gas savings

  • Cycle-proof and stress-resistant for maximum durability

  • Operates on very low gas pressure down to 2.5” WC

  • Common venting capable

  • Eliminate storage tanks, standby losses, legionella, and expensive mixing valves

  • Cascade up to 4 units for larger applications

  • ASME-HLW certified

  • T&P relief valve and inlet water strainer included