MLK Plaza South Bronx, NY

New Affordable Living Gets Luxury Hot Water!

MLK Building


New Construction

Property Details
13 Floors 160 Units

Product Installed
3 – iQ750

Installed Capacity
2,250,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage

Thermal Systems

MLK Plaza is a new ground-up residential building developed in the industrial area in eastern Mott Haven, in the South Bronx.

Magnusson Architecture and Planning designed the 13-story affordable building at East147th Street for Radson Development. Intellihot’s tankless water heaters assist in eliminating storage whichwas originally set in place during the design phase. Extra Energy Savings provided by Enovative AutoHot forpump recirculation are also an added benefit, as well as remote monitoring of life-saving gas, and water leaksalong with eliminating the risk that storage tanks have with legionella.

The Challenge

Due to the high cost of storage for space within the boiler room, price is an especially important aspect in terms of any long-term financial benefits. Since this building has over 160 units, it is important to also be  aware that having a storage room at capacity can negatively affect the residents in terms of the risk that storage tanks have with legionella.

The Intellihot Solution

Intellihot Tankless Hot Water Heaters were chosen for this project for the ease of installation by eliminating the storage tanks on the project due to its small footprint. Plans originally called for (2) 1500 Boilerswith 435 gallons of storage. Going by fixture count, we were able to reduce the equipment to (3) iQ751’sfor a total of 2,250,000 BTU's and zero storage. Intellihot’s Domestic Water Heater assists in eliminating storage which was originally set in place during the design phase.