108 Room Hotel Hot Water Cost & Savings Analysis

This 108 Room Hotel Could Save Over $4,000 per year and 21.2 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by switching to Intellihot.

108 Room Hotel Comparison

Annual Savings $4,450.05

Based on real-world water usage, the current tank system achieves only 50% conversion efficiency (Only 50 cents to every dollar you spend) while lntellihot achieves 94 cents to the dollar. Using typical operating conditions (ex. cost of $1.10 per therm), we estimated the gas savings to be $4,450 per year potentially.

Side by side data

Fixtures & Assumptions

The hot water fixtures & assumptions described to lntellihot are as follows:

• Incoming Water Temperature: 50 °F

• Unit Setpoint: 120 °F

• Existing Equipment: High Efficiency Boiler + Storage

• Units Serving: 108 Room Hotel

This analysis was run assuming 4320 gallons of hot water will be consumed in this project every day. 

Based on the above information, lntellihot Inc. has analyzed the savings as follows:

In most applications, hot water use is sporadic. Based on multiple similar applications, we find that 71% of the time, the water is being consumed at low draws, 23% at medium draws, and only 6% at either high or peak draws.

Thus, it is apparent that an on-demand system and one with high turn down like lntellihot is necessary to achieve true high system efficiency.

Based on the preliminary information provided, this analysis was run assuming 4320 gallons of hot water will be consumed in this project every day. The following table depicts the flow patterns and quantities of how the water is consumed for similar applications.








Cumulative Flow


Low Draw





Med Draw





High Draw





Peak Draw





Guaranteed Sizing

Intellihot is so confident that your project will be sized correctly by us, if not, we will pay for any additional equipment at no charge.

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ROI Summary

In a 100-room hotel, you can expect a return
on investment within a 3-4 years span.
A clean energy rebate program in your area can make
the ROI even better! Let our team run some
calculations for you to determine your savings.
Intellihot Tankless Systems are available through our
Local Distribution channels and can ship from
the factory in 7-10 days

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